Global Paper packaging supply chain management
About Us

About us

DongguanHaoSen Paper Company Limited.

By HAOSHENG INTERNATIONAL (HK) INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD investment, set the development,production, R&D ,Distributor in one. Focus on high-end paper packagingsupply chain management. Based in Guangdong Pearl River Delta. TO open up foreign trade business. Marketingnetwork of radiation global market.

We, asGuangdong Province, China - Bag paper raw material warehouse wholesale salesservice providers, business paper include: white kraft paper, kraft wood pulp,recycled kraft paper, kraft paper bag, flour kraft paper, packaging, kraftpaper, kraft paper dyeing, paper bag special single copper paper, double copperpaper, plastic dedicated single copper jams, jams, etc. Art. In addition, wenot only gained international FSC paper forest certification system, and alsoto provide customers with customized paper and paper products, such as fillingPizhi, embossed paper, touch paper and various gift bag, in order to meetdifferent customer requirements for design and manufacture.

Werepresent brands include paper giant International Paper InternationalPapper,BratskKraftliner, StoraEnso, AustraliaPulp, Smurfit Kappa, Klabin, APP, Ningbo,China, IWC sun, Chenming Paper, Tralin Paper and Nine Dragons Paper and so on.

We arecommitted to providing excellent service to all customers, and to promote theWorld Conservation persistent advocacy paper environmentally friendly products.To achieve this goal, we are committed to working closely with our customersand constantly seeking to improve the quality of our production, to providecustomers with what they want of paper and paper products.


Paper bagspecial series

PrintingKing white kraft paper ( white, Cape white, highwhite)

80/100/120/150/180/200/230/250 g

Printing kingsack kraft paper   150/170/190/210/230/250 g

Kraftpaper bag with yellow   80/100/120/150/175/180/200/250 g

Coatedkraft    126/140/175/200 grams

Kraftpaper series (40-450 g)

PrintingKing  white kraft (80--400 g), flexible leather, leather bags,vermicelli kraft paper, packaging leather, double-sided linerboard, coatedlinerboard, Nine Dragons linerboard, recycled linerboard, kraft paper stripes.

Printingpaper series (50-550 g)

Whitepaper, white cardboard, single copper paper, double copper paper, matte paper,light weight coated paper, offset paper, books, cardboard, beige Dowling,copperplate paper jam, Hao printed plastic dedicated single copper jam (250/300/350/400 grams)

Specialtypaper series (120-350 g /Custom)

Embossedpaper, touch paper, leatherette paper, stained paper, PU leatherette paper,colored cardboard (over 300 species)

ImportedPaper Series (50-450 g)

USA /Sweden / New Zealand / Finland / Canada kraft paper, coated linerboard, kraftpaper over in vain, beautiful pure Art Card, white card Netherlands, Swedenwhite card, light-colored linerboard, kraft paper alone.

FoodGrade Series (40-450 g)

Whitecardboard, single copper paper, double copper paper, kraft paper (white /yellow), pasta wrapping, laminating kraft paper / offset paper, white kraftpaper sandwich.

PaperProducts Series

Handbags, trays, shoe care, Paper, paper tubes, cardboard, honeycomb cardboardboxes, sewing thread pipe, paper cups, cards, clothing tag, paper Corner, papercard board, kraft cartons, color carton, cake box, color corrugated.

IndustrialPaper Series

Washedkraft paper, laminated white leather, acid-free cardboard cow, stained paper,absorbent white leather, glossy paper, copy paper, double-gray paper,flame-retardant paper, coated paper, tissue paper, silicone paper, butterpaper, sulfuric acid paper, newsprint

PaperProducts Paper Series.

Self-adhesivepaper, thermal paper, carbonless paper, color laser printing paper, classiccarbon, electrostatic A4 copy paper, paper cups, paper playing cards, cigarettecardboard, colored crepe paper, rice paper arts.

Kraft Paper
 Global Paper packaging supply chain management